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You're here for a quick overview on how to use The Opportunity Pipeline, right?

Welcome, welcome! Let's jump in –

Directions for People Who Hate Reading Directions™


Here's a small step-by-step guide on how to milk it for all its goodness:


Choosing a pipeline.

__   Grow my skills and knowledge base personally and professionally

__   Connect with people who can help me thrive

__   Work better

Now that you’ve figured out your next step to leveling up, it’s time to head over to our Opportunity Pipeline databases. There are 3 for each category: Growth, Connection, Work. Scroll to the one that best fits the resources you’re looking for.


If you’re just looking through, you can browse through our Main Opportunity Pipeline.

Looking for something specific? Like an event or app? Maybe even a specific location?

Click the “Filter” button at the top of the database. Choose a column heading for your search. Type in your keyword. Any opportunities that match will now appear in the database.

Found an opportunity you love, but don't want to squint to read the cells?

Click the "Expanding Arrows" symbol to the right of the Pipeline label of that opportunity. It will expand to show you all the details of that opportunity.

To get a more expanded view of the whole Opportunity Pipeline, click "View Larger Version" in the bottom right corner of the database.

Once you're done searching, congratulations! 🎉  You've taken one step closer to your 2.0 (we're so pumped for you!). If you didn't find an opportunity you were looking for, make a request and our trusty Opportunity Partner Team will scour the ends of the world for you: 

Choosing A Pipeline
Search For Specifics
Expand View
Request Opportunity
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