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2.0 Anti-Burnout Club


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The career strategy + support membership that fluxes with you and your ambitious career. Whether you need high-touch support each week, SOS pulse check calls, or low-touch asynchronous support, we ramp up with you.

Our Ambitious Membership matches you with a Strategist-in-Residence for each 2.0 career move and gives you a personal Career Dash to keep inventory of your career – the thought process, decision matrices, wins. This space is where you'll imagine, build, and advance your career with other ambitious professionals.

So, come on in – welcome home, movers + shakers.


For the price of a good fitness membership – because your career wellness deserves it.

How do we compare to
career coaching

intro call - as needed

starting at 20/call – limited

One-time Strategy Meeting

for those who don’t have

the means to pay more.

or maybe you’re a little

afraid of commitment. *


SOS situations and to help you figure out if we're the right fit for you.

+   30m call
+   next day turnaround

+   resources, clear takeaways

the membership that fluxes with you


starts at 275/month (68/meeting) -

fluxes down when you're thriving

Monthly Career Strategy + Tools

for those who know their potential,

and you're ready to see it realized.


Jobs change, we don't. With the right tools for you, let's get you to your 2.0.


+   weekly 1:1 strategy meetings with your matched 2.0 Strategist
+   a private workspace to track + manage your career advancement
+   members-only access to free, heavily discounted resources

+   access to special events both IRL + URL


Have a question?

Ping us here.

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