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updated February 13, 2023


The future of work startup's participation means professionals deserve more 

Charlotte, February 13, 2023 - The 2.0 Collective, a company democratizing career strategy for high-performers to capture, imagine, and advance their careers, is proud to announce its selection to participate in the Techstars accelerator program in Austin, Texas. This program will provide the company with elite mentorship, resources and network opportunities to bring its innovative platform and services to even more deserving professionals.

Techstars is widely recognized as one of the top startup accelerators in the world with the acceptance rate hovering around 1%, and The 2.0 Collective is honored to be a part of this prestigious program. Through Techstars, the company will join a special community of ambitious entrepreneurs across the globe, including a few notable Charlotte startups to go through the program, and will have the opportunity to select the most ideal advisors for the future of the company.

"At 2.0, democratizing career advancement looks like learning from future you – the you that has made it to where you’re trying to reach right now,” ," said Lynn Luong, co-founder and CEO. "I’ll be honest – we weren’t looking to join an accelerator. We were heads-down in building for Charlotte, but when we met Managing Director Amos Schwartzfarb and heard about the LEVERS Framework for repeatability, we knew that we could unlock so much more with this expertise. Cities like Charlotte have brilliant, ambitious professionals that are changing the way we look at work, and there needs to be a career support system like 2.0.”

The company revolutionizes professional development with its cutting-edge career management tool that allows you to experiment and action a plan throughout one’s career whether it’s navigating transitions, office politics, or wild ideas. This tool leverages a professional's unique identity, offering a resource database and personal Strategist-in-Residence (actual middle and senior leaders still in the workplace) to support informed career decisions. 2.0 offers an affordable alternative to traditional executive coaching and career services. Its pricing model is designed to provide ongoing support, similar to a gym membership, no matter where your career path may take you. With these factors in mind, the company is poised to make a significant impact for ambitious professionals.

“This program gives The 2.0 Collective an exceptional opportunity to learn from some amazing minds, and further refine the business to make sure we’re bringing only the absolute best to our members. This program hits us at a perfect time,” says Garrett Evans, co-founder, and COO “and we’re looking forward to growing alongside Charlotte, and other great cities to come!”

As The 2.0 Collective participates in this 12-week program, events and career strategy continues in Charlotte under a dedicated, growing team. The next event will be late February on the new Collective Community featuring a new program called “Industry Icons” – the who’s who of your 2.0 showcasing industry leaders sharing the gritty parts of their career.

If interested, book an introductory Career Clarity call with a matched Strategist at 

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