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Real impact for real money. Unlike mentorships, the more your members succeed, the more you get compensated. Or you pay it forward. And your members stay all career-long.


Be the career strategist

you would have wanted

when you were leveling up.

As an ambitious professional yourself, you know what it feels like to crush it in your work but still feel aimless. Career support has been reserved

for the people that get to the top.


But what if it was actually available for those who need it right now?

The high potential and high performers. 

of companies can't meet the needs of their talent.


Someone once said that the younger you could've really counted on the person you are today. 

In today's intricate career landscape, there are nuances to work-life "balance," office politics, and job growth that just can't be Googled. Like mansplaining. Or working 2 full-time jobs. 

Our companies won't show us the way, and we don't deserve to be left out in the wild to fend for ourselves, especially when there's so much information out there and innovations like ChatGPT. 

We were fed up, so we created our own career support system:

a collective of highly ambitious, brilliantly diverse industry professionals to guide + drive the career trajectory of our members. 

Here, you'll get to share what worked for you, discover new resources, and problem-solve everyday career moves. Matched with someone who has a similar work identity to you, you'll make a real impact on their success. 

Become a Strategist-in-Residence (IR) to join the list of elite, ambitious professionals making thought leadership for all.



Creating hyperlocal collectives of members + strategists to circulate resources and advice specific to your emerging tech hub.

Drive Career Advancement

  1. Get matched with a small team of early-in-career professionals
    who are eager to learn and work with you.


  2. Meet with them on a weekly basis in 30-40m Strategy Meetings
    hosted on our platform – Career Dash
    Your schedule is totally up to you, whether it fits into your workday or outside


  3. Work with us and your city's 2.0 team to put together thought leadership events like anti-networking, anonymous masterminds, happy hours.

Perk: Get the first access to the top work resources and try them out before members! 

Drive Collective Ambition


Have teammates on your team that need support but

company support and budget are tight?

Help empower your ambitious teammates make the most out of their time time at your company and on your team – let's be honest, they're probably not going to retire here.

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