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Giving "DTF" a New Meaning

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

You DTF? Well, maybe not in that way. The company OkCupid created a retro ad campaign that redefines one of the most popularly used abbreviations amongst millennials. Let's get down to figure out what they did.

For the two of you that don't know, OkCupid is an online dating site that uses math to match you up with the ideal partner rather than scrolling through people that you aren't interested in. It is actually a very interesting concept. But the question is: How do you separate yourself from other dating sites?

By getting down to forge a badass marketing campaign of course!

OkCupid set out to make the perception of online dating as less robotic. They wanted to make it seem comfortable even though online dating sites are seen as kinda sketchy.

You just can't help but fall in love with this ad campaign that helps people fall in love. The secret to its success is the story that they make and the connection created with every poster. By redefining "DTF", they are redefining the dating industry and what it means to date someone from the internet.

Let's break down how the poster works from a marketing standpoint, and the interesting work that they've created. Every poster is like a piece of artwork; the surrounding world becomes the museum that displays it. The bright colors and large, fat typography draws attention to the message that OkCupid is spreading.

What they've created is something called "Headline Psychology." This method of marketing provides very little detail from afar or even on the surface, but draws people based on their curiosity to fill in the missing puzzle pieces. From far away, let's be honest, it's very confusing what the message is. It's like a commercial that shows a story of a boy crossing some river, and then slapping on a car logo at the end. But, as your curiosity draws you closer, people invest more time into it to see that "DTF" has a new meaning. The best part of OkCupid's tactic here is that the entire puzzle isn't completed by just looking at the poster. It makes people want to learn more about the ad without anyone telling them to.

We're entering an age where people don't have time to think about a sign that they pass on their way to work. An ad should be able to make people stop and think by connecting a simple ad to a larger meaning. Understanding how consumers think or do things is crucial to making a successful campaign. It leads you to a product that stands out from the hundreds of other dating sites that could be just like you.

* mic drop *

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