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2.0 Anti-Burnout Club






One of the greatest feelings is crossing things off your to-do list…

A well-rounded career needs 3 things: career strategy + community support + opportunities.

We work with you to break the scary, all-encompassing idea of a “career” down into easy-to-navigate pieces. Think checkboxes and to-do lists. But we don’t just write them down, we work through them with you until they’re all crossed off. Whether it’s changing careers, negotiating your salary, or even reorganizing your workspace, we’re here to give you the tools, knowledge and support so you can ✔️ off those boxes.

It all starts with a 2.0 – your next career move, big or small. 



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The career strategy + support membership that fluxes with you and your ambitious career. Whether you need high-touch support each week, SOS pulse check calls, or low-touch asynchronous support, we ramp up with you.

Our Ambitious Membership matches you with a Strategist-in-Residence for each 2.0 career move and gives you a personal Career Dash to keep inventory of your career – the thought process, decision matrices, wins. This space is where you'll imagine, build, and advance your career with other ambitious professionals.

So, come on in – welcome home, movers + shakers.

For the price of a good fitness membership – because your career wellness deserves it.

How do we compare to
career coaching

intro call - as needed

starting at 20/call – limited

One-time Strategy Meeting

for those who don’t have

the means to pay more.

or maybe you’re a little

afraid of commitment. *


+   determine your very next 

      career move (2.0) and answer

     any burning questions

+  match with different


    (city-specific professionals) for

    each 2.0, each meeting

+  option: work with this Strategist

    on a weekly basis – move to the

    Ambitious Membership

–   some access to 2.0 tools to

     advance career progress

   member-only resources

   members-only events with

       2.0 Industry Icons, leaders

   access to all workspaces

discounts + credits!

the membership that fluxes with you


starts at 275/month (68/meeting) -

fluxes down when you're thriving

Monthly Career Strategy + Tools

for those who know their potential,

and you're ready to see it realized.


+  1:1 strategy meetings

     (career consulting, support)

     w/ Strategist-in-Residence

     in your field

+  4 strategy meetings each

    month (~68/meeting) when

    things are picking up

+  fluxes down when you're

    thriving + don't need us as

    much - still in your corner!

+  your own private workspace to

    track all career progress +

    opportunities (career project mgt.)

+  access to member-only growth,

    work, connection resources for

    a well-rounded career

discounts + credits!

+  match with the right 


     (city-specific professionals) for       each career upgrade, your 2.0

+  your Strategist stays with you

    through each 2.0, then you're

    matched for the next evolution


+  define each next step in

    getting to your ideal career

          (ie. learn how to use the

           connections made in your

           last role to land the next)

+  attend member-only events

    with 2.0 Industry Icons, thought

    leaders, and more 

+  early access to all IRL + URL

    events, ahead of public release

                                     + more more more

creative house 2022
each event, we capture members' 2.0s
a regular opportunity to overcome imposter syndrome
2.0 launch party
thrive house
real connection
📍new york 2.0
putting worthy women in the spotlight
📍 charlotte 2.0
every event features ambitious reads
intimate authenticity around work
mindful connections
ambitious humans
ambitious dinner party 2023






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It's not just soothing audio for sleep and mediation. Managing stress is one of the many ways that Calm helps build a mentally stronger you, especially on the job.


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