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We Love Hackathons, That's Why We Made A Company Out Of It

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Diverse group of people working together
What the ideal Hackathon looks like

All the way back in 2015, I was enlightened by a Jedi named Lynn that there was this entire world where a diverse group of people could come together to build an amazing never-before-seen product.

Three years later, Lynn created a company that gives you the same experience as a hackathon, but also gives you real world experience at the same time. This is The 2.0 Collective.

How the company operates is actually very similar to Lynn's history as a developer. Just look at the core of a hackathon for developers: Agile project management. Hackathons are created so that projects are made quickly, efficiently, effectively, and with purpose. That's pretty much our goal and Lynn's goal with The 2.0 Collective.

People working on a hackathon
AngelHack Hackathon, project teams

When given a project, we make sure to take the time to create something more than meaningful, but at the same time create it with efficiency so that the client can get their projects on time. Think of it like an extended hackathon. We receive a problem from a client. A diverse group of people find an effective solution. And, we efficiently find a way to articulate that solution.

For every project, we get a cohort of diverse minds that give us a new perspective on every piece of work. In a way, this company is able to capture the beauty of a hackathon, and translate it to real work.

It's a collective of creators thinkers, innovators, work-aholics, and the occasional customer service conversation enthusiasts. This company was created with the idea of bringing together some of the most amazing thinkers to create something that has never been seen before.

That's the idea that Lynn had when going to these hackathons. It was a source of inspiration to see how a group of people can create something amazing.

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