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Quarantine Survival Guide

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

An objectively good list of lists. Updated weekly. Maybe biweekly depending on how fast you go through this.

For most of the country, we’re starting week two of “social distancing.” If you’re still having trouble figuring out exactly what that means, here’s a guide. I like to think we can use this time to reflect our the resilience and adaptiveness of the human race – we might panic a little, but over time we’re figuring out exactly how to tackle this huge, collective problem. And we’re doing it together...from a distance.

Has it only been a week, though? If you’re extroverted like me, you might be finding this increasingly difficult. But even if you’re introverted, this set of circumstances probably isn’t ideal. So, to avoid getting into a wormhole of creeping on your ex-boyfriend’s Instagram and feeling shitty when you find out he’s quarantining at his family beach house with his new girl (I might know from experience), here's my definitive list of Ways To Pass Time And Not Go Absolutely Crazy.

Reading Party

A list of objectively good editorial content and articles. Don’t worry, I know we’re all starting to get really triggered by depressing stories about the current situation. So, none of these articles are related to COVID-19, unless it’s a positive story.

P.S. We'll be starting a Reading Party next week. Like a book club but better. Also because no one can get books now.

Charlie Sheng

Watch Party

I’m probably late to the party on a lot of these, but good cinema is timeless, right? Personally, I’m not feeling anything really dramatic or depressing right now – men keep recommending me “Narcos” and “Ozarks,” for some reason – so a lot of these border on comedy or romance, with social commentary themes.


For the girls who feel like they don’t have their shit together – watch Broad City on Hulu – I’m currently on season two and it might be the funniest female-driven comedy I’ve ever watched. Yep, I’m claiming it.

Along the lines of lives being a mess, Fleabag on Amazon Prime is the hilarious, raunchy British comedy show we’ve all been waiting for.

For fans of the Office – Arrested Development on Netflix is a classic for witty, dry humor.

Wanna learn? Netflix’s Explained (love Vox? It’s made by them) takes a wide-range of broad, seemingly boring subjects, like E-sports or coding, and turns them into beautifully articulated and captivating 30-minute documentaries. I’m not kidding, it’s brilliant. Start with the Billionaires episode.

Also for some visually pleasing learning, The Art of Design is a series that interviews several famous “designers” – set designers, costume designers, UX designers, etc – and goes through the social impact of their work. It’s beautiful, and if you’re an art-lover like me, you’ll be obsessed with the intricacy of it.

P.S. I'll be leading a 2.0 Watch Party on 3/24 trying out Netflix Party! Check it out.


I sobbed to Call Me By Your Name over the weekend. You can rent it on Prime for $3.99.

I have a special love for the classics that make me feel nostalgic, especially right now. Bridget Jones Diary – my favorite rom-com of all time – is on Amazon Prime.

Cooking Party

I love trying new things and have always been Pinterest-recipe obsessed. Here are a few of my personal favorites, along with a few I’ve wanted to try. Disclaimer, I’m vegetarian and often cook ~mostly~ vegan meals.

Here's the key:

Nothing fancy, cleaning out the pantry.

Some Gordon Ramsey shit if you’re feeling adventurous

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls – I made these and subbed whole wheat flour, and added orange zest to the icing. Perfection. Only labeling it as adventurous because it’s time-consuming with the whole yeast-thing, and rolling out dough is hard. My wrists were sore.

Curry Fried Rice – something I’ve been wanting to try for a LONG time. It’s relatively simple if you have curry powder on hand.

Thai Green Curry – one of my favorite things to make. No need to use specific veggies, just use what you have in your fridge/freezer. Another super simple one if you have ginger, coconut milk and green curry paste on hand. I sub tofu for the shrimp!

Vegan Chili – This one is literally my own recipe, I have it saved in a Google Doc. It’s almost indistinguishable from regular chili, but requires a lot of ingredients, hence the blue highlight. Also, there’s vegan cornbread to go with it.

Banana Peanut Butter Muffins – using bananas in muffins and pancakes is my shit, and these muffins are super filling and healthy.

Listening Party

I’m obsessed with music, and I’ll use any excuse to make recs. Pitchfork is my bible. Here’s what I’ve been obsessed with as of late.

On my Radar (and they should be on yours, too):

King Princess – Cheap Queen (Deluxe)

If you haven’t heard King Princess yet, what are you waiting for? This album came out in November, and the deluxe version released a few weeks ago. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s the kind of vibey-pop music we didn’t know we needed. It’s a raw narrative of queer love (see Homegirl). It’s cheeky and suggestive (see Hit The Back). It’s beautifully composed, and King Princess’s voice is passionate and deeply emotional at times (see If You Think It’s Love. I played this song on repeat no fewer than 12 times when I first heard it). It’s exactly what we all needed.

Ryan Beatty – Dreaming of David

All the best music right now is being put out by queer artists. I compare Ryan Beatty to Frank Ocean, in terms of genre as well as subject matter. Another beautiful narrative of queer love, Beatty’s influence has hints of Tyler the Creator as well. It’s along the same vibey-pop lines as King Princess, but Beatty gets a little bit more acoustic (also, HARMONIES!). My favorite on the album is Evergreen, and his tendency to repeat key phrases throughout songs makes them SO EMOTIONAL and personal (see Casino – “love me to death or don’t give me anything”), I almost feel like I shouldn’t be listening. It elicits the kind of feeling that I imagine going to church is supposed to give me, and that’s how I always know music is good.

Beach Bunny – Honeymoon

This album is bitter and angsty, and I’m living for it. It sounds almost like it was recorded in a garage, but was actually recorded at one of the most renowned studios in Chicago. That’s what makes Beach Bunny so compelling – the lo-fi of their music. It’s so raw, loud and guitar-heavy. I can hear every beat of the drum. I want to grab an instrument and join in. Not to mention every song is a straight BOP – they all echo our teenage anger. They’re The Greeting Committee meets early Paramore, and lead vocalist Lili Trifilio’s voice is just as good as Haley Williams. Listen to Dream Boy first.

Want more music? Check out my personal “Music Monday” playlist, where I post my favorite vibes of the week, and then The 2.0 Collective's playlists –

  1. Rise & Grind for some jams to start your day.

  2. Just Grind for your party (at home) vibes.

That's all for now! That should at least last you until... Saturday, at best? Check back next week for an updated list.



Paige is a news and media addict, which led her to pursue a career in digital content and strategy at Tabbris Coworking. She’s a [little bit too] proud UNC-CH graduate with a degree in journalism and political science, and forever a Tar Heel, no matter how far from Chapel Hill she may go. She’s obsessed with curating playlists, complaining about capitalism and writing about life.

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