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Checking Your Review Mirror: Taking Inventory to Help You Tackle 2021

Before we head off into our next big adventure, it’s time to take a step back and talk about You-Know-Who. And no, we’re not talking about Voldemort – although, he might have been a kinder adversary – we’re talking about the year that will live in infamy: 2020.

It’s an understatement to say that we’ve collectively had a *rough* year. Life got disrupted. We were shoved out of our routines and comfort zones and tossed into this new life that no one was really prepared for. And let’s be honest, it wasn’t pretty.

2020 wasn’t the year we imagined, but it brought us lessons that we can put in our toolbox to tackle our 2.0. Things like:

  • Getting more sleep because you don’t have a commute is actually nice.

  • The world can actually function without offices.

  • Communication is more important than ever since you can’t just walk over to your teammates' desks anymore.

  • Working from home showed us that maybe there are some things that we need in the workplace and our employers can give us better options.

Each change taught us more about ourselves and what we need to survive and thrive. It’s time to take inventory of this past year so we can get a clearer picture of how to manifest our pipe dreams into a reality.

What Is Taking Inventory?

We’re glad you asked. Taking inventory is checking in with yourself. It’s keeping track of the things in your life – the good, the bad, the ugly – and figuring out what’s working for you mentally, emotionally, professionally, etc.

It’s not just reflecting on the past, listing out your goals, and giving them your best shot. It’s also taking the time to understand how you work and being able to adapt your approach towards your goals to what best fits you. Here's a podcast from entrepreneur and brand expert Jen Glantz if you're curious about the in's and out's of taking inventory.

Straight From The Opportunity Pipeline: Growth - The Ultimate Annual Review

Need help taking inventory? Check out one of our featured growth opportunities: The Ultimate Annual Review.

Opportunity Overview: Growth – Reflection – Goal Setting

Annual Review is a website and downloadable template aimed to guide you through your 2020 reflection and create an action plan for 2021. It touches on everything that happened this year: COVID-19, working from home, Black Lives Matter, you name it. Each exercise helps you dive deep into your significant moments and milestones, the lessons you’ve learned from them, figure out where you are right now, and help set your intentions for the next year to ultimately create an action plan.

It's never too late to reflect.

What can you expect?

A Five-Step Journey

They take you through the following:

  1. Moments & Milestones

  2. Reflections & Learnings

  3. Current Life Assessment

  4. Intentions for 2021

  5. Planning for 2021

Why Is Taking Inventory Important?

We know, you’re probably more than tired of thinking about last year. There are probably some people tempted to just throw away 2020 (trust me, I almost wanted to), but it’s an important milestone of our journeys. Regardless of how difficult last year was, we need to face our demons to help us really move forward towards our 2.0. In the words of the Filipino National Hero Jose Rizal,

“He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.”

What does that mean? Knowing where you are now, all your trials and triumphs, helps you understand the journey you’ve been on, and from that point, you can choose where you want to go. It’s like traveling. If we don’t understand where we are, we won’t understand which direction we have to go in order to get to our destination. Taking inventory is your Marauders Map helping guide you even when you get lost. Except hopefully, you’re not spying on anyone.

Now That You’ve Taken Inventory, What Now?

Like the final exercise of The Ultimate Annual Review encourages, it’s time to figure out your plan. No one wants a repeat of 2020, so let’s work smarter, not harder. Do what you gotta do for you. You’ve reflected, you’ve taken the time to understand what you need and what you define as success. Hustle when you can, but it’s okay to take a break – especially when you need it. Instead of making well-intentioned resolutions to “work hard, play hard,” it’s time to make action-oriented goals that understand you and how you work.

We want to see you level up and thrive this new year because – let’s be real – you deserve to. The 2.0 Collective is always here to support you and push you towards your best professional and personal self. That's why our framework is all about creating an actionable plan that grows with you. We're talking career advancement over career development. So in case you didn’t tell yourself this while you were taking inventory –

Good f#@king work. You made it through 2020, and that’s major.

You’re a tough-ass cookie, and this year isn’t ready for you! You’re well on your way. So say goodbye to 2020, and say hello to 2021 and your 2.0.

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