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The 2.0 Collective Seeks to Advocate for the Career Advancement of Black Professionals

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

To Our Collective,

We stand with our Black Collective members and Black professionals. We know it can ring hollow as another business saying this, but it’s more than just politics or PR – it’s about human rights. We cannot stay silent on matters as serious as this. We have been muted the past week to allow Black voices to be amplified, as well as allowing our social media to be a space to showcase Black-owned business. We recognize the injustice that is an inherent part of our criminal justice system and all of our established institutions. This country cannot continue to ignore the violence against the Black community. We are abhorred by the racism that continues to let this happen. The contribution Black folk has in America is significant, and they should be recognized for it.


As a company, we have always and will always do our best to be anti-racist – actively listening to the Black community, including diverse people in our space and conversations, and of course, continuing to work with professionals of BIPOC to achieve the 2.0 they deserve. Our diverse leadership team has been involved in the protests, donating, and speaking out on our social media with resources straight from our Opportunity Pipeline.


We have been reaching out to companies identified by our members to help navigate their diversity plans. Our Opportunity Pipeline has resources that help highlight the intersectionality of our professionals. We will continue to strengthen our Opportunity Pipeline with Black-centered resources. You can share yours here.


We hope that our Collective members will work to become allies in the workplace (we will be sharing resources for this soon in addition to the ones above & in our Collective Thoughts blog). We are committed to equity for Black people, and understand that equal opportunity has been a fallacy for too long when it comes to Black people building their careers. That's why we do what we do—to get you the opportunities you deserve.

We will be actively seeking ways we can help. If you have resources to share, please share them here. We’ve always prided ourselves in creating a community that gives back, and we hope that you'll join us in doing so. All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter.

Sending strength & guidance,

The 2.0 OPs Team


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