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⚡️ What is Pay-what-you-can ?

This career support remains the same quality as our Ambitious Membership no matter what you pay. We are built on trust and we were founded to democratize.


Here's the problem: There are plenty of career resources out there, yet the people that need it most can’t afford it. This is an option for anyone to have access to quality career support, despite your financial situation.*


This way, you can get back to a place where you don’t need to worry.

Every dollar paid goes towards creating more accessible career tools and more initiatives like this.

* restrictions apply to ensure this is fair for

our team providing their time and expertise


starting at 20/call – limited

One-time Strategy Meeting

for those who don’t have the means to pay more.

or maybe you’re a little afraid of commitment. *


+   determine your very next career move (2.0) and answer

     any burning questions

+  match with different Strategists-in-Residence

    (city-specific professionals) for each 2.0, each meeting

+  option: work with this Strategist on a weekly basis – move

    to the Ambitious Membership

–   some access to 2.0 tools to advance career progress

   member-only resources

   members-only events with 2.0 Industry Icons, leaders, + more

   access to all workspaces

discounts + credits!

Choose your Pay-what-you-can price


I love this mission – I'll pay more


typical price for

1 meeting


I can do a

little more.


I can't do more right now, but this I can.

Have a question?

Ping us here.

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