At the core of The 2.0 Collective is the knowledge that ambitious humans like yourself deserve to have someone on your side, rooting you on as you navigate your career, no matter your path, background, or goals. We’re your fairy godmother. The little angel on your shoulder.


One of the greatest feelings is crossing things off your to-do list….

We work with you to break the scary, all-encompassing idea of a “career” down into easy-to-navigate pieces. Think checkboxes and to-do lists. But we don’t just write them down, we work through them with you until they’re all crossed off. Whether it’s changing careers, negotiating your salary, or even reorganizing your workspace, we’re here to give you the tools, knowledge and support so you can X off those boxes.


Our all-in-one platform is made up of three components: 


  1. Career Coaching 

  2. Opportunity Pipeline

  3. Community and Communication Hub




We set you up with a career coach. They’re your sidekick. They’re your sounding board, and help you create that actionable list to check off. Your coach will help guide you through tough career decisions and roadblocks, all while and make suggestions for opportunities that suit your needs and goals.



Those suggestions combined with your weekly or monthly updates (and a touch of tech magic) create a personalized Opportunity Pipeline filled with even more opportunities and resources for personal and professional advancement



Based on the Opportunities you pursue and your 2.0 goals, your Community becomes even more personalized, providing you with a better chance to connect with the people and information who will support you the most (hello future hustle buddy!).


It IS personal. We both know you could Google “How To Advance Your Career” and get hit with a bunch of tips, tricks and tell-alls, but how do you make your way through it? More importantly, those Google links don’t know you or your life. It doesn't take your personality, your work style, your mental health, any of it into account. Doing research past the first few links, let alone the first few pages, is mentally draining. That’s why we’ve done it already for you. We’ve made careers personal again by catering to what YOU need, not what employers want, or what some LinkedIn Bro thinks you should do.

With The 2.0 Collective, you have everything you need for your personal and professional advancement right at your fingertips. Coaches, resources, opportunities, and community all come together on one platform to provide you with the highest quality guide and sounding board, so you can reach your 2.0.