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updated January 12, 2023 at 4:59P ET


The 2.0 Collective is a non-exclusionary community and network open to all ages, all careers, and all genders. We uphold an environment that respects the values of individual members and their personal and professional development. We value a culture of ambition, respect, and privacy in which each member is able to maximize opportunities through the democratization of resources.


The 2.0 Collective membership is a privilege – breaching the Collective Code of Conduct may result in the suspension or termination of your membership, your digital accounts being disabled, and restrictions from entering The 2.0 Collective events.

We operate on a zero-tolerance policy for any form of general harassment or sexual harassment in The 2.0 Collective community. These incidents will be treated seriously. Any person found to have harassed another will face disciplinary action. All complaints of harassment are treated with respect and in confidence. No one will be victimized for making such a complaint. 

Anonymously report a violation of Collective Code of Conduct or any incident by emailing us at

Membership Rules

1. Your Membership Agreement

Upon signing up for The 2.0 Collective membership, you agree to be bound by the Collective Code of Conduct. You also agree that all of the personal information you've provided in the sign up and onboarding process is factual and accurate.

2. Membership Terms

The 2.0 Collective memberships are provided on an individual basis.  All members will have access to features in the Everyone membership. 

3. Membership Dues

Membership dues for the Everyone membership option are free.  Paid membership options include the Collective Community at $20 per month and the Ambitious Humans membership at $275 per month. Members are allowed to upgrade or downgrade at any time during their membership period. 

4. Membership Payment and Automatic Renewal Provision

Upon submission of your Collective Community or Ambitious Human membership, your membership fees become payable immediately. By providing us with your payment information, you accept and consent to be charged with membership dues in the form requested by The 2.0 Collective upon signup or on the following renewal date. It is at The 2.0 Collective’s discretion to approve or deny a payment plan.

It is within our discretion to amend our membership fees at any time, and we will notify you in advance if there are to be any changes to the amount, date or frequency of the payment of your membership fees.

Membership automatically renewals on a monthly basis. The 2.0 Collective will notify members of their renewal date upon receipt of payment each month. Membership may be canceled online by adjusting their membership in their “Personal Settings” under “Your Plans and Purchases”.

Failure to pay the monthly subscription (or any installment thereof) within one month of the due date without cause will result in the membership being automatically downgraded.

5. Expensing Membership as Business Learning & Development

2.0 Collective members may expense their membership fees as L&D expenses under their company. If you need help with your expense report, please contact the The 2.0 Collective team.

6. Privacy for Members

Members must not harass or solicit other members of The 2.0 Collective. Members are also prohibited from using electronic devices to make photographic, screenshot, or video recordings of a person(s) profile without prior knowledge or permission of other members.

Members must also refrain from any unauthorized recording of personal conversations, images, meetings, or activities with other members or staff and not create, store, share, or distribute created likeness of any person(s) without prior knowledge or permission. We also expect all members to respect the intellectual property rights of other Members. The above extends to both digital interactions and interactions at 2.0 Collective events.


7. Contents

The 2.0 Collective may film, video, or photograph our members and document events and activities at The 2.0 Collective premises or The 2.0 Collective events at third-party venues for use in our membership programs, advertising, promotions, public relations, social media, and other commercials/business purposes. If you take part in these interviews or events, you agree to us using your name, image, and limited other information.

You also consent to us publishing any materials produced by, or for, us for any purpose without your further consent, and you waive your right to receive any payment from us in connection with such publication. Members waive the right to inspect or approve any finished content product in which their likeness appears and waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the content. All content shall become the property of The 2.0 Collective. 

8. Solicitation

One of the core 2.0 values is “democratize career support” - the purpose of The 2.0 Collective is to uplift and support each other in any way possible. Members of the community are likely to give out advice and even services (design, engineering, etc) for free. This creates a great environment for collaboration but there are a few things we like for members to keep in mind:

For people asking for advice/services:

  • Don't ask for more than quick feedback or advice (15-30 min)

  • Reciprocate, pay it forward legibly, and show your appreciation

For people with advice/services to offer:

  • Do not charge for advice - pay it forward

  • If someone wants you to do a significant amount of work for them:

    • Tell them you can't (if you want to protect your time)

  • If you are interested in sharing your services or products with members of The 2.0 Collective, please send an email to with details about your business and the best way to contact you. 

Opportunity Partners must be pre-approved by The 2.0 Collective Team before being added to the Pipeline. This keeps our community members safe and ensures a personalized experience when using the Opportunity Pipeline.

The 2.0 Collective has a zero tolerance policy for solicitation. Any member who violates the terms of their agreement will be liable to have their membership terminated immediately upon review. If you feel you are being solicited to, please send an email to

9. Conflict

In order to make The 2.0 Collective a safe, conflict-free place, the following is recommended:

  • Members should not disparage or spread rumors about other members

  • If a situation arises that becomes severe between members and is in violation of our zero-tolerance policies it can be reported to



Global Community Rules

10. Participation

The 2.0 Collective Members should be active participants in digital spaces and in person events that they choose to attend. 

11. Ask for Help 

If a Member feels lost or unable to utilize the resources around them to their benefit, it’s their responsibility to reach out to the The 2.0 Collective team or other Members for help. Others can only provide support if Members let them know.

12. Integrity

The 2.0 Collective expects Members to understand and maintain high standards of integrity. Breaches of integrity include, but are not limited to, inappropriate collaboration, intellectual property including copyright infringement, acts of bad faith, broken promises or contracts, and mistruths or false representations.

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do at The 2.0 Collective. However, it’s possible that the motives of each party entering into a relationship may not be fully, and transparently disclosed to the other.

For example, if two parties are exploring ideas in adjacent spaces, each should be transparent in their interests, each giving the other the opportunity to reserve or withhold “proprietary” information about their plans and aspirations until a further relationship of trust is developed.

If one party intentionally misleads or withholds information about their intentions for the purposes of extracting further information about the other’s plans, this could be found to be Inappropriate Collaboration. If a Member is caught inappropriately collaborating, a member of the The 2.0 Collective team will evaluate the situation.

13. Respect

The 2.0 Collective is fortunate to have Members, guests, and staff from a wide range of extremely diverse backgrounds. Members are expected to do their part to make The 2.0 Collective a welcoming place to learn and connect with others by encouraging, and offering support to those around them. Members can contribute to creating a positive experience for everyone by being respectful in all communication.

14. Professionalism

The 2.0 Collective is a professional environment, and it is expected that Members act accordingly. Respect, accountability, and open communication are crucial.

Professionalism should be a theme that runs through a Member's work and interactions at The 2.0 Collective. In particular, professionalism is expected when posting in internal channels, participating in academic and social discussion, and via posts, comments, questions, and responses to others in addition to at physical events.

The 2.0 Collective reserves the right to delete content (posts, threads, questions, comments, and responses) that are not aligned with our mission, values, or Collective Code of Conduct.

Inappropriate behavior on our platforms includes, but is not limited to:

  • @’ing, and/or otherwise harassing, bullying, being disrespectful, inappropriate, or unprofessionally calling out individuals (Members, staff, and guests), whether in private communication channels such as The 2.0 World or on public platforms such as Twitter.

  • Failing to follow the directions of staff or guests (for example, continuing to post when directed not to)

  • Being disrespectful towards others (Members, The 2.0 Team, Strategists, etc.)

  • Being a disruption to the community

  • Spreading false information and rumors about Members, The 2.0 Team, or Strategists.

  • Providing feedback in ways other than directed (for example, in a group or public channels, or otherwise outside the scope of where feedback was directed by the program)

  • Spamming Members, The 2.0 Team, or Strategists.

  • Shopping for different answers (for example DM’ing multiple staff and/or guests searching for an answer different than what you were given by another staff or guest)

  • Using channels or DMs for excessive solicitation/marketing or for personal gain

  • Misuse of channels - using channels for something other than the intended purpose.

  • Showing, depicting, or describing nudity, sexual acts, the offering of sexual services, sexual arousal, and/ or sexual objectification.

  • Support, praise, or promotion of political or religious agendas, terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups. Selling, offering, or discussing firearms, drugs, offensive weapons, or illegal activities and items.

Additionally, inappropriate behavior at physical events and interactions at The 2.0 Collective premises or The 2.0 Collective’s third-party venues includes all of the above as well as the following but is not limited to:

  • Use of illegal drugs, overuse of alcohol

  • Unwanted sexual advances or physical assaults

  • Threatening, harassing, or discriminatory language

  • Violations of personal space and privacy

  • Reckless behavior (climbing, use of explosives) that puts anyone in danger

15. Non-2.0 Collective Spaces

Policies in the Global Community Rules may be enforceable for incidents that happen outside of The 2.0 Collective (physical or digital spaces and programs) that affect the The 2.0 Collective community, for example, external meet-ups, or on social media pages such as Instagram or Twitter.

The 2.0 Collective cannot be held liable for anything that happens in the physical or digital spaces that we do not govern. However, if brought to our attention, The 2.0 Collective reserves the right to further investigate a Member for violations of the Global Community Rules taking place in non-The 2.0 Collective spaces.

16. Non-Discrimination & Harassment

The 2.0 Collective is a place to learn, connect, and collaborate. The 2.0 Collective aims to create an environment of mutual trust with the absence of intimidation, oppression, and exploitation. Members, staff, and guests should be able to work and learn in a safe and welcoming environment.

As such, The 2.0 Collective will not tolerate any form of harassment generally, and in particular, that is unwelcome and is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive; causes reasonable fear for safety; and/or interferes with or limits employment, education, or ability to participate in or benefit from The 2.0 Collective's programs, activities, or resources.

Harassment is conduct, hate speech, actions or bullying directed at an individual or group of individuals because of their race, color, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, gender, marital status, age, disability status, genetic information or any other status protected by law that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual or group of individuals employment or fellowship experience or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.

Harassment includes any verbal, physical, or online conduct and includes, but is not limited to: slurs, epithets, or other threatening, intimidating, hostile, or abusive treatment directed at an individual or group of individuals as defined above.

17. No Physical or Psychological Harm, Threat, or Actual

This includes behavior that is threatening and/or intimidating, or harassing in nature and expresses or implies interference with personal safety, education, employment, or participation in The 2.0 Collective's activities, resources, or that causes the person(s) to have a reasonable fear that such behavior is about to occur.

18. Help us Keep Everyone Safe – Reporting Rule Violations

If you as a Member are ever uncomfortable about community interaction, please let us know by submitting a report. If someone brings concerning behavior to our attention, the 2.0 Team will work to determine if the behavior may be a violation of the Collective Code of Conduct. If it is determined that there is an alleged violation, we will notify the Member(s) accused, and remove them from the community.

When deciding the appropriate action to take, we consider the severity of the incident, additional information (such as past behavioral history), and any additional context we may have. Actions taken to prevent future occurrences may be educational in nature (such as a success plan) or may include membership termination for parties involved.

Members who believe they have been discriminated against or subjected to harassment in accessing The 2.0 Collective's programs or activities should contact The 2.0 Collective. Complaints can be handled confidentially at the option of the submitter. If you see or hear something in our premises or digital spaces at any time that you think may violate our Collective Code of Conduct, please send an email to

19. No Retaliation

The 2.0 Collective prohibits retaliation against any person because of that person's good-faith participation in the reporting, investigation, or resolution of any alleged violation of the Collective Code of Conduct or other published policies.

Retaliation can be physical, verbal, via a third party, or using electronic means (in public or private forums), and may include, but is not limited to: harassment, intimidation, threats, or adverse actions against a Member, staff member, or guest.

Legal Rules

20. Interpretation of the Rules

In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the The 2.0 Collective Membership Committee, whose decision with respect to your membership shall be final and without appeal. These rules shall be governed and construed in accordance with United States law and each member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of local and federal courts.

21. Disciplinary Procedure

Conduct by a member that is prejudicial to the reputation and character of The 2.0 Collective may result in suspension or expulsion of such member. An expelled member may not return to The 2.0 Collective virtually as a member or attend any public event. A refund of the expelled member’s subscription will be at the discretion of The 2.0 Collective.

Any member or members who willfully remove, damage, or destroy any property belonging to The 2.0 Collective, or to members or guests on-premises, will be liable for costs and termination of their membership.

If The 2.0 Collective considers that any member’s (or his or her guest's) conduct either inside or outside of any The 2.0 Collectives premises is, at its absolute discretion, contrary to the interests of The 2.0 Collective, The 2.0 Collective may with immediate effect expel the member or guest from the premises and/or suspend or terminate that member’s membership without having to give any reason to such member or guest.

22. Usage of Data

We will use the personal information you provide us in connection with your membership, internally to provide you with tools and resources that are relevant to you. All data is anonymized and never individually shared with third-party services. We use data to suggest opportunities and resources that match your interests and professional pursuits. It is also important for us to have your current details in our membership database. By becoming a member of The 2.0 Collective, you agree that we can hold your personal details to use in connection with your membership. If your contact or payment details change, please update your card information by updating your card in “Billing” located in “Settings” under the “Account" tab.

23. Confidentiality

The 2.0 Collective management and all staff members are required to adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards and pledge to maintain all records and personal information concerning members in the strictest confidence.

24. Trademark Rights

Members and their guests shall not use the names, logos, colors, trademarks, service marks, photographs, trade dress, or other identifying features of The 2.0 Collective and its affiliates (the 'The 2.0 Collective Marks') without obtaining the specific prior written approval of The 2.0 Collective as to the specific use.

You hereby expressly recognize that The 2.0 Collective Marks are the valid, unique, and exclusive property of The 2.0 Collective, its parent, affiliates, and/or subsidiaries. Members and their guests may not produce, use create, or authorize others to produce, use or create, The 2.0 Collective Marks for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to, in any communications, marketing, advertising, or other promotional materials (including, but not limited to, brochures, flyers, invitations, and e-mail messages) that utilize the The 2.0 Collective Marks without The 2.0 Collective’s prior written consent.

25. Feedback

We encourage critical thought, discourse, and feedback from our members. Feedback is welcome anytime, and we ask this be provided via direct communication with The 2.0 Collective operations or the management team through private messages, email, or general-purpose feedback forms.

26. Contacting Us

Should you have any questions regarding your membership and/or our Code of Conduct, please contact us at or submit anonymous feedback or incidents to

Code of Conduct Agreement

I have read and understood the Collective Code of Conduct in full.


By electronic signature, I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct's terms and conditions when engaging within The 2.0 Collective Community online and in person.

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