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starts at 275/month (68/meeting) – fluxes down when you're thriving

Monthly Career Strategy + Tools

for those who know their potential,

and you're ready to see it realized.

+  1:1 strategy meetings

     (career consulting, support)

     w/ Strategist-in-Residence

     in your field

+  4 strategy meetings each

    month (~68/meeting) when

    things are picking up

+  fluxes down when you're

    thriving + don't need us as

    much - still in your corner!

+  your own private workspace to

    track all career progress +

    opportunities (career project mgt.)

+  access to member-only growth,

    work, connection resources for

    a well-rounded career

discounts + credits!

+  match with the right 


     (city-specific professionals) for       each career upgrade, your 2.0

+  your Strategist stays with you

    through each 2.0, then you're

    matched for the next evolution


+  define each next step in

    getting to your ideal career

          (ie. learn how to use the

           connections made in your

           last role to land the next)

+  attend member-only events

    with 2.0 Industry Icons, thought

    leaders, and more 

+  early access to all IRL + URL

    events, ahead of public release

                                     + more more more

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